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Rolf Escher

Deutschland, 2021
Both monastery and printing workshop at Rheine-Bentlage became places of intense artistic work for me in 2018. I was fascinated by the monastery and its medieval treasures. It is a historic place, which, defined by its location on the river Ems and surrounded by an old rural landscape, seems removed from modern age and thus stimulates phantasy. At first, I was mainly interested in the monastery buildings with their impressive interiors, revealing much of the history of this place. My drawings and etchings tell about this, as e.g. the etching „Exodus of he chained library“.

The more I became involved in studying the monastery I focused on the relic altarpieces. They emanate a particular transcendent magic. From this experience, I developed my sequence “Holy Heads” which I am planning to continue. By working together with my colleagues Ann and Knut, I was able to translate my drawings into prints. Their perfectly equipped workshops allowed me to work in the techniques of etching, lithography and silk-screen printing. Also, I was given the opportunity of showing my works where I had created them. My solo exhibition in the rooms of the monastery was very successful.

During my stay, Jo Love, a graphic artist from Britain, was Artist in Residence in Bentlage as well. Her presentation on “Dust as artistic subject” was very inspiring and I enjoyed the exchange with the young artist. I am pleased to own an artwork of hers.