Dr. Johanna Love

Camberwell College of Arts, UAL, UK/ University of Brighton, UK, 2021
My month-long residency at Druckvereinigung Bentlage in 2018 was an incredibly invaluable experience, allowing me precious time within my academic and research career to immerse myself in making a body of prints and also space to reflect on future directions. The time during the residency enabled me to have an intense period of making, immerse myself in the haptic and tacit language of drawing through stone lithography – a fairly slow process that needs time. I produced a large body of editioned prints, and also met a number of other international makers to sow exciting seeds for new projects. As a result of the residency I am now working with Rheine Museum and also connecting to researchers in nearby Munster University on future collaborations.
Left: Collecting dust from the Museum collections
The unique setting of Druckvereinigung Bentlage, nestled in historic woodlands and within the grounds of a Mediaeval Monastery, is such a novel and rich place for artists to make and reflect on their practice – to have some time and space along with use of specialist equipment is invaluable for those working with the technical demands print making. The peaceful yet also very creative environment of Bentlage and Rheine, provides a real tonic for anyone wishing to immerse themselves, not only in making prints, but also to connect to the regional and wider international community of art, culture and history through its lively annual programme of events and activities. To secure its future and support it so others can become a part of its rich creative community is essential.