Paul Coldwell

„Paul Coldwell Temporarily Accessioned-X-Ray 2016 ( photo courtesy Oliver Ottenschläger)
UK, 2021
In 2015, I was delighted to be invited as Keynote speaker and to exhibit a selection of my work at SNAP3, the International Print Symposium organised by the Print Association Bentlage. The event brought together artists, writers, critics and curators and provided a rare opportunity to exchange ideas, make new friendships and renew existing ones. Over the course of the event, there were exhibitions, visits, demonstrations as well as time to socialise. Printmaking by its nature is collaborative, but the organisers ensured that the atmosphere was relaxed, congenial as well as productive. It was an event that served as a model for creative exchange and one that I continually reference.
I was so impressed by the level of organisation, attention to detail and the genuine enthusiasm that permeated every aspect of the symposium. The plans to further develop the facilities at Kloster Bentlage are really exciting and will further enhance this unique setting and confirm its place as a centre for the graphic arts. It will also serve to support artists, technicians, curators and critics in ensuring that printmaking receives the attention that it deserves as both a visual language and a means of distributing ideas.