Marc Siegner

Canada, 2021
„I fell in love quite quickly and I am not sure if it was the hospitality, or the setting, the time of the year, the food, that big old fireplace, the Kloster, the proximity of centrum and the train station so close, the bikes, the fresh strawberries, the salt water works, the history, the cows. I think it was probably everything and more, it just felt so welcoming and warm, the forest was like an umbrella, a living shelter.
I came for the SNAP conferences in 2009 and 2012 and then returned in 2015 for a self-directed residency. I quickly recognized that Bentlager was a very special place and that special quality extended well into the community reflecting back into those who were fortunate enough to experience what is truly a rare flower.

You cannot measure the value of such a place as this in purely economic terms as its value is more tangible for the extended community, the historical and contemporary resources and perhaps more importantly for the setting which both envelopes and cradles Bentlager in a place that is indeed the closest thing to heaven on earth. I treasure the memories I have of working and staying at Bentlager and look forward to returning someday soon to live the dream.