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Magdalena Kjartansdóttir

Iceland, 2021
I had the pleasure of being a guest artist with residency at Bentlage printing workshop for ten days in 2019. Excellent equipment for lithograph (stones) and etching brought back found memories and tested my skills in a medium which I had not worked on for a while as linoleum and wood cut has been my preferred technique.

The guidance of Max and Ulla was wonderful and created a magnificient working environment in such a beautiful mystical surrounding with echoes and atmosphere of ancient history. During my time of the workshop eight artists from europe stayed and it made my dwelling very enjoyable. Technical methods and food recipes were exchanged during meals. Long discussion about art and life were inspired by the cozy fire place and I made friends which I still keep in contact with. I long for another visit to Bentlage and that such is as high recommendation for the place as it can be.