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Katsutoshi Yuasa

Japan, 2021
In 2013, I spent 3 months in the printmaking workshop at Kloster Bentlage with my wife and 1 year old my son. It is one of the unforgettable memories in my life. The print studio was surrounded by beautiful forest, and I was looking forward to walking in the forest every day. My woodcut print „There is what we choose to see and what we able to see, whereas there is also a lot of things that people don’t choose not to see“ is the work based on a photo taken during such a walk. It was very beautiful moment and poetic.

The place was isolated but I never felt alone. Also, there is a small town, Rheine, which is a reasonable distance away, and it is a good memory to go shopping with my family by bicycle. The print studio was in a historical building but had a lot of facilities. I was able to make the work without any inconvenience. It took about two months to make a large woodccut print „Perfect Sunday“.

The video was shot, edited and published on YouTube by Jan-Christoph Tonigs.