Ann Aspinwall

New York, 2021
I have spent time working in Bentlage nearly every year since 2007. On each visit I get immense pleasure from my walks in the woods, the historical buildings, and the amount of space at my disposal, both indoors and out. A welcome contrast to my native New York City, Bentlage offers both a figurative and literal breath of fresh air. It is a place where I am able to fully immerse myself in my current print project and reflect on ideas for future ones.
Over the years, aspects of Bentlage have made appearances in my work. The vibrant “saftiges Grün” (juicy green) of the new emerging leaves in spring, rows and rows of tree canopies, and the subtle undulations of expansive fields in all seasons have provided inspiration for specific works of mine. My most recent prints created in Bentlage, “Brume” (2019) and “Brume II” (2020), evoke the bewitching band of fog that often hovers over the fields at dawn:
„When I look back now on the works I made in Bentlage, I realize what a significant part this unique place has played in my artistic output. I hope many other artists for numerous years to come will also have the good fortune to live and work in this wonderful environment.“